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How to Choose Diamond


After a lifetime of searching, you have finally found the person that you want to be with forever, and now it's time to choose the diamond that will represent your promise of "eternal love," but where do you begin? First things first.
No matter how much research you do, and no matter how much time you spend on the process, remember one key element: Enjoy the Experience! This is supposed to be a fun time for both of you, so do your research, but don't become overwhelmed in the process.  
Every book on diamond education and every web site dedicated to diamond buying will tell you the same thing: you can't start the diamond buying process without first learning about the 4 C's. Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight are the four C's that will determine the diamond's 5th C... its Cost. Deciding on your budget is an important first step. Another thing to keep in mind is that even though you are the person making the purchase, your significant other will be the one that it adorns for the rest of their life. So remember to snoop around, and find out what style, shape or size diamond will make them happy. For more information on the 4 C's, see the 4 C's section of this web site.  
A Diamond Grading Certificate or Grading Report should also accompany the diamond that you plan to buy. Consider this to be the diamond's "birth certificate." All of its characteristics, including the Shape, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight are posted on it, along with specifications such as Polish, Symmetry, Girdle Culet Size, and Fluorescence. The goal in buying a diamond is to get the highest grade in all of these traits that your budget will allow. There may be sacrificing involved if your wish is to get a higher grade on a specific characteristic when working with a fixed price.
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This is where you will have to determine what is most important to you or your special someone. Is color most important? Is getting the largest diamond that fits within your budget the most important? Establishing this up front will help guide you through the entire process, and for the most part, make it easier and more enjoyable.

Remember the first rule of buying a diamond ...ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE! 
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