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Jewelry Depot Superior Solitaires

Houston Jewelry Depot Superior Solitaires

Jewelry Depot Houston makes the finest Novell solitaire settings available. Jewelry Depot Houston start with our Fusion Forged extruded tubing with it superior metal quality.

Starting with tubing means that the metal used in the rings are not under the stress of being die struck flat and bent into a round shape.

Then we precisely cut just the right opening to fit the crown that holds the stone. Unlike die striking and bending the shank, the die struck heads that we use provide the greatest strength and security for your stone.

Houston Jewelry Depot Superior Solitaires

  • Fourteen or eighteen karat gold in white or yellow colors
  • Platinum
  • Platinum

Please call Jewelry Depot Houston to discuss your solitaire requirements & also ask for our De Simone Designs. Because of the hundreds of custom engagement rings that Jewelry Depot Houston offer due to style, stone size, and stone shape Jewelry Depot Houston do not offer on-line ordering of solitaires at this time.

Diamond is supposed to be the most valuable of all the precious stones and is matchless. They shine and glitter and are symbol of purity and strength. Diamond represents an ornament of beauty worn by the rich and portrays a luxurious lifestyle.

Buying an exquisite set of diamond; be it in the form of necklace or ring is a cherished dream of everyone! At Jewelry Depot Houston, we have an impressive collection of diamond necklace, pendants, rings, stud earrings, bracelets and even loose diamonds to perfectly complement and accentuate your beauty.

Jewelry Depot Houston wedding sets and engagement rings signify the unbreakable bond of eternal love. The resourceful diamond and palladium jewelry offered by us would not only appeal to the fashion conscious but to those with a classic taste!
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